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Automobile Window Tinting in Honolulu

Auto window tinting can do wonders for your car, increasing both look and feel. At 21K Motors, we are pleased to offer a full line of 3M tints, providing the best products in the industry. We'll help you find the perfect tints for you. Call today to learn more about what we can do or to schedule. an appointment.

3M tints

As a top name in vehicle tints, 3M products can be customized for any vehicle and any need. 3M Automotive Window Films are made for comfort, style, and fit, protecting your car's interior while ensuring you stay cool behind the wheel. 
3M Pamphlet

Top Benefits of Tinting

3M tints have many benefits for drivers, including:
  • 99% UV protection
  • Increases security
  • Heat reflection
  • Glare reduction

Long-lasting warranty

When you choose 3M products, you're guaranteed peace of mind. With robust warranties that protect against damage, fading, and failure, you can be sure the film you choose will keep you and your car covered for years to come. 

Give your car an upgrade!

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